Saturday, March 1, 2014


To my fellow ass-kickers, this is for you.

I've decided to approach this chapter in my life with the intention to first and foremost bring more awareness to a reality that many of us fear, yet have to face everyday. My intention here is to tap into all the possible benefits that health; through nutrition, movement of body, connection of soul, and many others we'll discover, can provide us with vitality within our lives. This is not a new concept by any means but I think it's only when you step back from the norm, and open your eyes, mind, and spirit, it's possible to discover some important information and lessons that may have been in front of you the whole time. That's what I'm hoping to learn through my constant battle with cancer. Loosing a fight to cancer isn't my destiny, so I want to dig deeper to discover what is. And why it is. There are many facets to this exploration and I hope to learn some pretty awesome stuff from those that have come before me. In return I hope that my experience can give you something that may serve you in your life. I've always known there to be healing in sharing, so if your reading this I thank you for helping me through that process.

Immense gratitude~
Me :)

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  1. will find blogging to be a very peaceful venting process. I look forward to see you become whole and healthy again.